TABLE of Contents

Activities with simple operations

Number Theory & Primes

Math with calculators

Activities involving recursive operations

Problem Solving

  1. The 100th Letter
  2. Apple Bobby
  3. YPPY
  4. Age in Days!
  5. "Decimal" Time
  6. Number Line Land
  7. Products & Sums
  8. Digit Add-On
  9. Two Problems
  10. Ladder Math
  11. UP-down Match
  12. UP-down: Part 2
  13. Square-Cube Ages
  14. Inching Along Down the Football Field
  15. Problem Solving Quizzes
  16. The Three Little Primes
  17. To Plug or Not to Plug
  18. Power-full Fractions
  19. Levy Expressions
  20. Alpha-Math
  21. No Primes Here
  22. Buying Carrots
  23. Trotter's Treats
  24. Calculating Expressions
  25. The Rub-a-dub-dub Restaurant
  26. Chocolate Chips
  27. A New Spirit for Your Investments
  28. Then I'd Rather Not Know
  29. A Real Estate Dealer
  30. Hiking Along the Hypotenuse
  31. Alvin's Theorem
  32. Two Differences to a Sum
  33. A Quartet of Integers
  34. Marathon Mitch
  35. Portioning Out Peanuts
  36. Omega Numbers
  37. Time Is Power!
  38. Arthur's Arithmogons
  39. Sigma of P(n)
  40. A Little Bite of Pi
  41. Murals by Max
  42. The Battle of the Books
  43. A "Mean" Product
  44. Sharin' the Drivin'

Solve Trotter's Own Problems (STOP) Math

  1. The Professors' Ages
  2. Jail House Clock
  3. Fireball Frank
  4. Susita's Bank Account
  5. The King's Coins
  6. Cats and More Cats
  7. What's the Score?
  8. Shanell's Holiday Treats
  9. A Nutty Problem
  10. A Piggy Bank Bet
  11. Tom, Dick and Harry
  12. The Time Is Right
  13. Homer Jones
  14. The Race of the Ants
  15. Splitting Squares
  16. Basketball Hot Shots
  17. An Apple a Day
  18. Monkey Business
  19. Henry's Hoopsters
  20. My Three Dogs
  21. Tiffany's Triumphs
  22. A Balancing Act
  23. Ticket Number Trivia
  24. The Sprats Eat Out
  25. Divisible by a Dozen
  26. Calling Long Distance
  27. Pentagon, PA
  28. Power Up!
  29. Wally, the Woodcutter
  30. Back East & Out West
  31. Carla's CD Collection
  32. Cherokee Creek Checkers Club
  33. Big John Takes a Hike
  34. A Baker's Dozen
  35. Parakeets On Parade
  36. Mr. Forth's Fifth Grade
  37. The Guilty Pointy
  38. The Dandy Family
  39. What Month Was It?
  40. The Great Money Swap
  41. Cowboy Bob's Ropes
  42. Sums, Quotients, & Remainders
  43. A Tie Vote
  44. Inverso-Fibonacci
  45. A Trip to the Beach
  46. Johnny's Orchard

Digital Expressions

Pythagorean Theorem

Games in Elementary Math

Number Trivia

Basic Algebra

Humor or items of lighthearted math

Personal and/or Miscellaneous

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