Tom, Dick,
and Harry

     Tom, Dick, and Harry are best friends. They do everything together, and share the good times and the bad times equally. Just like the Three Musketeers, their motto is: one for all and all for one.

     Lately, Tom and Dick are doing okay, economically. Tom has been working as a bank teller for about a year and Dick has a good job at the local House of Pizza. Only Harry is down on his luck these days, having been laid off from his job at Doorway Computers.

     One evening they decide to eat a pizza at the HOP where Dick works. They can take advantage of his employee discount, you see.

     Harry said, "Well, fellows, I can chip in with $2.40 anyway."

     Dick said, "Great. And I can easily afford to pay my fair share."

     Tom said, "No problem, guys. I'll kick in with the remaining 40% of the cost of it."

     If the above facts involve the cost of the pizza only, and not the soft drinks, how much does the pizza cost?

     Bonus: If Dick's employee discount is 20%, what would you and I have to pay for the same pizza?

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