A Tie Vote

     In the little town of Cayleyville there was an election for county sheriff. The candidates were Peter "Pistol Pete" Paulson of the Progressive party, and Thaddeus "Tough Tad" Thomas of the Traditionalist party.

     A debate was held so that the two candidates could openly and clearly present their views to the voters. After the debate was over, some people decided to change their preferences. One-third of those who initially liked Pete decided to support Tad. And one-fourth of those who originally liked Tad now would vote for Pete.

     When the votes were counted the following week, every body was surprised. It was a tie! Pete and Tad received the same number of votes.

     Now there were fewer than 250 persons who were eligible to vote in this election. And the ratio of male to female voters was 7:6.

     How many residents of Cayleyville voted?

     Extra: if the election had taken place before the debate, who would have won? And by how many votes?


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