The Dandy Family

     When Handel Dandy - known as Handy to his friends - married Mandeline - known as Mandy to her friends - they decided to name their 2 children with rhyming words as well. That explains the cases of their son, Sandy (really named Sander) and their younger daughter, Candy (really named Candice).

     Recently, when I went to visit them at their home, talk got around to their ages. Handy told me, "The sum of my age and Mandy's age is 75."

      "Yes, that's true," said his wife. "And the sum of my age and Sandy's age is 52."

     Sandy chimed in with this comment, "And the sum of the ages for me and my little sister is 27."

     But Candy really brought the conversation to an interesting point when she announced proudly, "Now you can easily find the sum of the ages of me and my daddy."

     I took out a piece of paper and a pencil, and soon arrived at the sum Candy referred to. What was it?

     Extra: if the difference in ages of the parents were 3 years (which isn't true, by the way), how old would Handy have been when Candy was born?


     Extra: What are the possible ages that Handy might have been when Candy was born. (Assume all ages are expressed as positive integers.)

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