Carla's CD Collection

     My next-door neighbor's daughter, Carla Darlene Contreras, is a typical modern-day teenager. This means, among other things, she's a big fan of popular music.

     The other day she was taking an inventory of her rather extensive collection of CD's that she listens to all the time. She had divided it into 3 categories, explaining it to me in a very unusual mathematical way:

     "Forty percent of my CD's are made by female recording artists, and one-third of them by male singers," she said with a wink in her eye.

     "And that last group?" I inquired quizzically.

     "Oh, those CD's were done by groups. There are 16 of them in that category." she promptly replied.

     Knowing that information, tell me how many CD's Carla Darlene has in her possession.

Extra: What is the exact percent number for the 3rd category of CD's?

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