Hot Shots

     Victoria, Stephanie, Megan, and Courtney played in a basketball game. Figure out how many three-pointers (3P), two-pointers (FG), and free throws (FT) each of the four players made.

  1. The ratio of Courtney's three-pointers to two-pointers to free throws made was 2:4:11.

  2. The ratio of Victoria's three-pointers, two-pointers, and free throws made to Stephanie's was 3 to 4, 5 to 8, and 2 to 1.

  3. The ratio of Megan's three-pointers to two-pointers to free throws made was 1:1:15.

  4. The ratio of points made by Megan to those made by Courtney was 4 to 5.

  5. The four players scored a total of one hundred ten points.

  6. Courtney had 5 more points than Megan.

  7. Stephanie made six free throws.

  8. Victoria made three three-pointers.

  9. Victoria and Stephanie scored a total of sixty-five points.

     Note: Be sure you clearly assign variables in your algebraic equations.


     The information is given pairing Megan and Courtney (Fact #4 and #6), then Victoria and Stephanie (Fact #2 and #9). If indeed this was a 2-on-2 style game with such a pairing, the margin of victory was the maximum possible. However, nothing was said in the problem to imply that. Determine how they might have been paired if the margin had been the minimum possible.

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