An Apple a Day

     It's well known that Anabelle Adams operates the best bed-and-breakfast in a 10-county area. And a large part of her well-deserved reputation rests in her delicious apple pies that she serves her patrons with their meals.

     One day she went down to the village's open-air market to buy some fresh apples. She had planned to spend just $2 for them. But much to her chagrin, the merchant gave her 4 fewer than he had given her the previous week for the same amount of money. "What's going on here?" she mused.

     Then she noticed that the price had risen 20 cents per dozen. "Dear me," she sighed. "The cost of living is just horrible these days! How's a poor widow like me ever going to take care of my eight kids!"

     What was the new price per dozen?

Here's more...

     There's an old saying that goes: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Assuming there is truth in those words, how many days would you spend eating apples at that rate if you yourself consumed all the apples Anabelle bought during those two weeks?

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