Portioning Out Peanuts

     I have three younger brothers, whose names are (in order by age) Gary, Corky, and Steve. Though we have our natural differences, we do agree on one thing: we love to eat salted peanuts while watching football on TV!

     One Sunday I brought out a big bag of delicious salted, roasted peanuts to share with them. Being the math "guru" of the family, I decided on the following unique way to portion out the peanuts. I gave one-third of the quantity to Gary, one-fourth to Corky, and one-fifth to Steve, keeping the remaining portion for myself.

     Though I received what was left after giving to my brothers, that does not necessarily imply that my portion was the smallest.

     How did my portion rank in size, from most to least (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)?

     Extra: If I received between 50 and 60 peanuts as my share, how many peanuts were in the bag?

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