Trotter Numbers
Trotter Primes

Hello again!

     Well, how did it go? Your search for Trotter Primes in the sequence of Trotter Numbers, I mean?

     What? You didn't do any research first before you clicked on the link to see what we have found?

     How do you expect to have any fun here in the WORLD of TROTTER MATH if you don't learn to play with numbers and love numbers as much as we do? You're missing all of the fun!

     Oh, excuse me. You say you did do a little bit. Ah, yes, I see some of you readers out there did do some investigating. I can see your notes beside you. Good for you. You deserve the right to turn to Page 3 and compare your results with ours.

     But the rest of you, well, we truly recommend that you turn back to Page 1, and try to do a little work first. Then you can come back here on your way to Page 3.

        Okay? Okay! Bye now.

     In the meantime you folks who did some work, please pass on to Page 3, so we can talk some serious business. Let's go!