While watching TV some years ago, I began wondering what it
would be like if there were commercials about mathematics.  So I tried
substituting the word MATH or other related words into the slogans for
well-known advertised products.  The result was the little quiz found
below.  Your job is to guess the original product name that was removed.

	For example, look at this new slogan:

MATHEMATICS. Makin' it great!

Of course, you recognize that this is Pizza Hut's famous phrase. I warn you: as you try to name the products referred to in the items, keep in mind this quiz was originally written in 1990 and 1991; so some of the slogans may be a little unfamiliar now. Good luck! (Answers are below; but try not to peek too soon.)
1. Believe it or not, it's Mathematics. 2. 3 Mathematicians. Big on chocolate. 3. Exponents. Now you're playing with power(s). 4. Sometimes you've just gotta break the "math" rules. 5. Math. It does a mind (body) good. 6. Math. The choice of the new generation. 7. Advanced medicine for homework (pain). 8. Diet Math. The right one. 9. Algebra. I love what you do for me. 10. Calculus. The power to be your best. 11. Math. Making life a little easier. 12. We're talking serious geometry here. 13. The mathbeat of America. 14. Nobody beats Mathematics. 15. Trig. One of life's great kicks. 16. Let the good multiplications (times) roll. 17. If you don't add well, we don't add well. 18. The wonder drug that works homework (wonders). 19. Math. It just feels correct (right). 20. You have our NUMBER (WORD) on it. 21. Algebra I: It's how math is done. 22. MATH Express: Don't leave home without it. 23. MATH. The right choice. 24. Math teachers: We're trying harder than ever. 25. I just can't get enough of that Sugar Math. [Taken from "Trotter Math" News. May 1990 and May 1991]
ANSWERS: (1) Alka-Seltzer (2) 3 Musketeers (3) Nintendo (4) Burger King (5) Milk Producers Ass'n (6) Pepsi (7) Advil (8) Diet Pepsi (9) Toyota (10) Apple Computers (11) Mars candy bars (12) HBO comedy programs (13) Chevrolet (14) Midas mufflers (15) Twix candy bars (16) Kawasaki (17) Sasoon beauty products (18) Bayer aspirin (19) Mazda cars (20) Sunkist oranges (21) A-1 Steak Sauce (22) American Express credit cards (23) AT&T (24) Avis Rent-a-Car (25) Sugar Crisp cereal.
Well, if you're reading this, you've obviously seen the answers, honestly or not. So I'll give you one more slogan, of a much more recent vintage, but no answer. Can you get it? Math Teachers: You've got questions; We've got answers.

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