Here is a little math vocabulary quiz for you.  It is a matching
type of quiz.  The answers are hink-pinks.  What is a hink-pink, you say?
It's a pair of rhyming words that relate to the definition.  A couple of
examples will illustrate the basic idea.

	      definition		 answer
	A.  an obese feline		fat cat
	B.  an arithmetical trail	math path

Find the hink-pink in the right side column for the definition given on the left side. 1. A silent answer a. pine line 2. A naked polygon b. eight mate 3. Where you go fishing for half-lines c. stray ray 4. A ceremony for a dead integer d. solution pollution 5. Where pieces of circles go to play e. sphere cheer 6. A malignant solution f. mum sum 7. A lumpy ball g. school rule 8. Friend of a number h. bare square 9. A football player with 3 feet i. fraction traction 10. What corsets do j. ray bay 11. An impartial polygon k. plane gain 12. Trees in a row l. number slumber 13. A boat for pieces of a circle m. numeral funeral 14. A sensible citizen n. dull null 15. Let's hear it for the round one! o. cancer answer 16. A frozen answer p. parallel caramel 17. Messing up a pretty answer q. arc park 18. The teacher's yardstick r. high pi 19. Treatment for a broken number s. yard guard 20. A round pointed history t. near sphere 21. A tall irrational number u. chord ward 22. Chewy, but not skewy v. numb sum 23. A wandering half-line w. cute root 24. A follow-up heart attack x. graph staff 25. A pretty extraction y. inch pinch 26. Where sick circle segments go z. conical chronicle 27. An increase of a flat surface aa. rational national 28. Number line workers bb. arc ark 29. A boring empty set cc. corollary coronary 30. When digits sleep dd. fair square
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