A Few Digits of

     It is well known that is an irrational number. This means in simple English that its decimal form, which begins 3.141592, goes on forever without any repeating blocks of digits.

     The purpose of this page is to merely present a list of websites that show to various numbers of digits. Also, we will include a few sites that discuss interesting aspects of this fascinatng number.

     First, here are some sites that present the digits of in a "grouped" format, for easier reading.

  1. From The Joy of Pi, here are 10,000 digits of pi.
  2. From The Web Page Dedicated to Pi, here are 128,000 digits, and much, much more.
  3. From The Exporatorium, here are 1,000,000 digits!
  4. From The University of Exeter, here are 10,000 digits, plus a frequency list.
  5. From Math Forum, this is a mere 1000 digits.
  6. From The Friends of Pi, this gives 100,000 digits, well arranged.
  7. From My Own Little World, another site of 10,000 digits.
  8. From Stephen John Hsu's Home Page . He copied The Joy of Pi list of 10,000 digits, but they're arranged in rows of 100's, 10 sets of 10.
  9. From a German? site. Another copy-cat of the Joy of Pi version.
  10. From Jeffrey Branzburg's website. Click on "back" to see more information about pi.

     Now the following sites do not present the digits in a group-of-10 format. Though more difficult to read, they are being presented nonetheless for whatever value they may offer you, the reader. (Some have links to other pages.)

  1. Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics: 10,000 digits.
  2. University of Illinois. Contains two nice links for additional pi information.
  3. http://pi.lacim.uqam.ca/piDATA/pi/html/. Contains many interesting links here.
  4. Norm's Page. The first 8073 digits of pi. (hmmm... that's odd!)
  5. Somebody's Useless Facts. 99,999 digits, or so it claims. I didn't count.
  6. Pi Day org. A page from piday.org. More info available.
  7. MAA-NJ Homepage. 10,000 digits.
  8. www.fun-facts.com. 10,000 digits.

     Here comes a very special website that is rather useful as well as informative. It has been prepared by Eve Andersson, a professor at Northface University in Salt Lake City, Utah. Click HERE, and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

     It is of interest to note that Eve had earlier made a contribution to WTM with her poem about pi. It can be seen HERE, as item #22.

     This final section is a collection of other sites that discuss the mathematics of pi. They are presented in no particular order.

  1. Math Trek, by Ivars Peterson.
  2. Slice of Pi, Anyone?.
  3. Calculating Digits of Pi in Other Bases.
  4. Are the Digits of pi Random?.
  5. The Pi Code, by Mike Keith.

More to come later...

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